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Nose Pads

Replacing nose pads on your eyeglasses is a great way to freshen your frames. The Attic has a variety of nose pads, both new and vintage. 

There are many different types of nose pad fittings, the way they attach to the glasses. Clip-on, clamp-on, screw-on, push-on, rivet, split-post, etcetera. The contemporary style tends to be either screw-on or push-on and most any shop can supply those. 

Before the contemporary styles, the most common from around the 1960s to the 1990s was the clip-on style and those are shown below. Before that, mostly in the old-style ''shell'' nose pads (sometimes also called ''mother of pearl'' or ''Bakelite'') there were almost as many styles of attachment as there were manufacturers. American Optical (AO), Bausch & Lomb (B&L), Shuron, Art-Craft and many more manufacturers each had their own style of nose pad attachment. The Attic does have a variety of vintage nose pads, though they're not shown below. Depending on condition and style, prices will be higher than the contemporary production nose pads shown below. If you're seeking vintage nose pads, please email with a clear photo showing the nose pad attachment area and the pad size. Knowing the markings on your frames and a description of how the pad is attached can sometimes be helpful, too.

Nose pad sizes are typically given in the length of the pad, measured the long way, top to bottom and the figures are rarely precise, so allow maybe a millimeter of variation.

Nose pads Nose pads
Clear Clip-On 15mm Nose Pads #8156 Clear Clip-On 17mm Nose Pads #8157
Soft Nose Pads Soft Nose Pads
Clr.Silv.Clip 15mm Soft Nose Pads, pr
Clr.Gold.Clip 15mm Soft Nose Pads, pr


Nose pads Nose pads
Split Fitting 15mm Nose Pads, pr #8160 Split Fitting 17mm Nose Pads, pr #8161

If you have any questions about nose pads or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me. I try to answer all questions promptly.

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