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Clear Clip Soft Silicone Nose Pads, Gold Centers, 15mm

EYEGLASS NOSEPAD photo, under 350 kb EYEGLASSES NOSE PADS photo, under 350 kb This style of nose pad was once the main style used on most glasses. They are often called clip, clip-on or clamp-on nose pads and they are sold by the pair. These are silicone, so a softer material than the earlier, firmer nose pads. Nose pads size is measured the long way and these are 15 mm (9/16 inches) long. As the names suggest, they clip onto the ends of the nose pad arms on your glasses and clips and metal core of the pad is gold in color.

Sometimes you may have to open the little prongs a bit to put them in place and then you bend the prongs down to clamp onto the fitting. Though there are smooth-faced pliers opticians use for this, small, household pliers can also be used. If using household needlenose pliers, for instance, it can help to cushion any pattern or serration on the face of the plier tips so as not to mar the nose pad surface. 

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Clr.Gold.Clip 15mm Soft Nose Pads, pr #8159

  $5.00 pair
   $4.50 4 pairs and up
   $4.00 8 pairs and up


If you have any questions about nose pads, you may contact me. I try to answer all questions promptly.

Soft Nose Pads
Clr.Gold.Clip 15mm Soft Nose Pads, pr

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